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Contractor’s Plant & Machinery Insurance- Benefits And Exclusions

Extensions: Cover can be extended to includes up to a limit chosen by you on the following on payment of additional premium-

- Owner’s surrounding property

- Clearence and removal of debris

- Additional read more customs duty

- Express freight

- Air freight

- Third party liability

- Floater cover

- Dismantling

- Earthquake

- Escalation”””

Duration: Normally on annual basis and to be renewed periodically

“””Coverage: Plant and equipment often constitute a considerable read more part of a building contractor’s investment. Contractor’s Plant and Machinery insurance is an exclusive all risks policy covering the read more plant and machinery used by the contractors at the site for various projects.

Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance covers the property whether they are at read more work or at rest, or being read more dismantled for the purpose of cleaning or overhauling, or in the course of operations or when being shifted within the premises or during subsequent re-erection, but in read more any case only read more after successful commissioning.

Interest Covered: Illustrations of machineries/equipment that can be covered under Contractors Plant & Machinery insurance are-

- Earthmoving equipment: Bulldozer, grader, scraper, excavator, loader, dumper, etc

- Concrete mixer, concrete pumps

- Lifting equipment and drilling equipment Road surfacing equipment:

- Batching plant for production of concrete of read more asphalt

- Concrete or bitumen paving machines

- Bitumen tank sprayers (iv) rollers

By: Royalsundaram

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Exclusions: Some of the special exclusions under the policy are-

- Electrical /mechanical breakdown

- Vehicles designed and licensed for general road

- Hull and machinery of waterborne vessel/crafts

- Plant/machinery read more working underground

- Equipments undergoing testing

- Replaceable parts

- Loss or damage due to explosion of boiler/pressure vessel

- Total or partial immersion in tidal waters

- Whilst in transit

- Consequential Loss

Scope: It is an all risks insurance policy covering loss or damage to the property by any cause other than those excluded-

- Fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft damage

- Riot, strike, malicious act

- Flood, inundation, storm, cyclone and allied perils

- Landslide, subsidence and rockslide

- Burglary and theft

- Collision, overturning and read more falling of foreign object

- Any other sudden, unforeseen, accidental damages not explicitly excluded

Driver License Suspension – How An Insurance Or Subrogation Company Can Suspend Your Texas License

I am the founder and CEO of Petty Details, LLC, and I have the power to bend my own rules and prices for the benefit of justice. So, be careful about making the assumption that your license can’t be suspended for an auto accident (if you were uninsured). If you get pulled over and you don’t have a valid license, you can be taken to jail.

If you have a Texas Driver License and somebody has called you or sent you a letter threatening the suspension of your driver license over an auto accident, it is highly possible that it could actually happen, but it is just as probable that the person making the threat doesn’t actually understand the rules as they apply in Texas. If you have been sued over an auto accident and you lost, then 99% of the time, you will be losing your license and registration privileges until you pay. Now, what can you do to protect yourself? Are there any loopholes? My best answer is “sort of”. Only the Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend your driver license (and the DPS doesn’t call people to advise of a pending suspension, they will send a written notice). What an individual, insurance, or subrogation company can do is request the suspension of your license in accordance with Chapter read more 601 of the Texas Transportation Code, and there are a lot of exceptions and rules that have to be followed (it is notable that if you don’t have a license, a proper request will keep you from getting one, and the read more suspension is supposed to affect your registration, too).

If the person calling read more you is an insurance company or subrogation firm, they probably know how to get you suspended, and it is not required that you be sued. Sometimes you could be covered and just not be aware of it (like if you are a full time college student and your parents have insurance).

1. Work out a payment arrangement with the insurance company, subrogation firm, or person that is threatening you (it must be a written agreement that the State will accept in order to properly protect your license).

Justin Petty / Licensed read more All Lines Adjuster and Public Adjuster

Article Directory:

1. I trust you will be surprised when I personally answer the read more phone. It is probably the best (and right) thing to do is to work out a payment plan to protect your driving privileges.

6. Here they are:

2. There must be bodily injury (any amount) or damages to an apparent extent of $1000.00.

5. Plead your case!

3. Anyway, non-suit suspension of a Texas driver license is what this article is about, so here are some of the requirements your case will have to meet in order for your license to be in true jeopardy: The Texas Safety and Financial Responsibility Act has exacting rules that relate to the ability to get an individual’s driver license suspended due to a violation of the act, here they are in layman’s terms:

By: Justin Petty

3. Always make sure you have researched all avenues of possible insurance. Fight about whose fault the accident was. I am truly a horse of a different color, so visit my website and give me a call or drop me a line. If all of these factors apply to you, then it is likely that your license will be suspended if the party threatening to take action follows read more the proper rules (in Texas) for requesting the suspension. Most companies will take less than what they are asking for if you can pay a lump sum, so if you have a little money, try and make a settlement for less than the alleged damage amount.

My personal cell phone and e-mail are listed on my website, and I will personally answer my phone to address your questions or concerns. You can lose your license, registration, and ability to get a license even if you have not been sued. There has to be a “reasonable probability” that you were at fault (like the police put on the report that you rearended somebody, or there are read more witnesses against you). Somebody has to file an accident report, either a police officer or a party that was involved in the accident.

If you (as the owner) or the driver of your vehicle weren’t financially responsible at the time of an “at fault” accident, then the above things are pretty much the only things you can do to avoid a suspension outside of hiring an attorney. In order to do this you must follow the rules for requesting a hearing when you get your first notice of suspension (also it is advisable to make sure the Department of Public Safety has your correct address because they will use the address on your driver license for all notices and you have a time limit to request a hearing).

4. This is the trickiest part, because there are so many factors that can indicate fault.

2. Pay for the damages.

. If you were the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident, and the person who wrecked your car didn’t have permission to use your vehicle, then fight about that (again, you have to use the hearing rules to read more fight).

Keep in mind the rules I am relaying only apply to Texas and violations of the “financial responsibility law”. I work for the “little man”, be it a small business or an individual. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to explain this to people and they simply didn’t believe me, so they ended up with a license suspension, and then read more having to call me to negotiate for their license or risk the consequences. If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that is probably your fault, and if you didn’t have insurance or some other way of complying with the financial responsibility law, then you have few choices. If you are the owner of the vehicle, then you must have allowed the use of the vehicle either by saying read more the driver could use it, or by making it apparent by your actions that it was okay.

4. If you think honesty and integrity are a thing of the past, research me. The accident must have happened on a public highway, road or way (like an alley) as defined by Texas rules.


Compare Motor Insurance Online In Dubai

A good way to do this is through word of mouth, viz a viz, friends or colleagues and you can expect good reviews read more on prices and the claims service. Begin by short listing a mix and match of local and international companies and then comparing their prices and offerings.You will be amazed on how different they are!

Choose read more a company that provides 24-hour online support to its customers. With read more this option, a quote can be generated in a matter of seconds!. Not only that, they may also extend discounts to other products such as home, travel, personal accident, yacht, golf and medical insurance.

By: kinjal Darukhanawala

Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and comparing services read more provided by different insurers is sensible. By Searching for car insurance companies online, you can easily compare quotes and offerings in a matter of minutes. Compare motor insurance online in read more Dubai to get the best deals in insurance. Article Directory:

Looking to compare motor insurance online in Dubai? RSA can offer a quick, easy online quote for motor insurance. From procuring quotes to purchasing policies and making claims, international insurers have robust IT systems and processes that ensure the ultimate convenience to the customer. Speak to your insurance advisor to read more understand what covers best fit your needs. You may also notice that international insurance companies give their customers an option of instant quotes, especially for read more motor insurance. Claims free drivers are also given read more excellent offers and discounts on their car insurance. This not only assures you have convenient options to get in touch read more with them but also translates to quick assistance during an emergency or incident. As a trusted UAE car insurance company we offer the package that is exactly right for you.

Opt for an international insurer with a good customer service reputation offering support via their call centre, website and branches.

Most international insurers will provide comprehensive covers for a reasonable price with maximum protection. Inquire about their claims history with their insurer and how read more these have been paid for.

Another easy and more credible way is to compare motor insurance online in Dubai